The Need for Speed

Rutger de Groot | 3rd September 2015
The Need for Speed
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When selling your products or services to Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMB), it is important to detect opportunities fast. This allows you to connect to the SMB buyer before anyone else does, with a well-targeted offering.

Spot early, contact fast

Meet David. He is the IT Manager of a medium sized company looking for an ICT service provider who can help modernise the workspaces of around 100 employees. David’s company doesn’t have a purchasing department, so he has to lead this project himself.

Naturally, David wants a trustworthy supplier and compares 3 supplier websites. There he looks for relevant services, information about the team and customer cases [1]. David needs to take his time to go through all the information, but also has other tasks on his plate. He decides to allocate additional time for the project the following week.

Two days later David receives a call from Bill, a sales manager from one of the ICT suppliers he looked at. Bill wants to know more about David’s needs and offers him a white paper on next generation workspaces. David quickly scans the white paper and agrees to meet Bill. After all, Bill sounds like a polite, trustworthy and pro-active professional and is addressing a concrete business need. After several follow up contacts, David decides to grant Bill the project.

The need for speed

A popular sales statistic says that 50% of the deals go to the sales professional who contacts the prospect first [2]. According to Prospex, a Dutch B2B marketing company, seven interactions are required for a B2B business deal to be made. That’s what it takes to connect with a prospect, gain trust, understand specific needs, make an offer and close the deal. The ability to spot an opportunity early provides you with a head start to connect with the prospect first. While you are already building trust, your competitors could be unaware of the opportunity or at least have to catch up.

Helping Bill

Bill’s expertise in combination with a head start allowed him to close the deal. Bill used Beelert, that’s how he spotted the opportunity fast while getting the relevant information to follow up accordingly.

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[1] Onderzoek: wat wil de B2B-klant? (Emerce 2015)

[2] Research Report: 2014 Lead Response Report (

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This article first appeared in Linkedin on Jun 16, 2015.

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