Are you really ready to profit from Website leads solutions?

Rutger de Groot | 25th January 2016
Are you really ready to profit from Website leads solutions?
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A new year brings new sales targets so it is time to get started! The digitization of Marketing is moving rapidly forward while the attention for supporting Sales with relevant new website leads solutions seems to lack behind. What digital help could you use as a Sales professional to reach your 2016 targets?

What are website leads solutions?

Website leads solutions generate leads by identifying which companies visit your website. These tools could just be the thing for you as they can answer 3 simple though very important questions: Which companies are really interested in my business? What are they looking for? And… How can I contact them?

Before you start surfing the web for solutions, ask yourself three simple questions to determine if you are ready.

Are you ready for Web Leads Solutions

There are no wrong answers and the the graph contains honest suggestions that are derived from our experiences with many B2B organizations. Lets take a closer look at the questions and the possible answers.

– Does your website attract enough visitors?

Website leads solutions can only identify a % of your visitors, somewhere between 10 and 30% usually. So you would need a decent amount of traffic to generate leads. But what is enough also depends on your target market of course. To get an indication you can compare your traffic to your competitors with the help of URLM or Siteworth. Note that these are just estimates!

YES: Great! You are found by customers AND potential customers that are looking at your propositions. To start using a website leads tool at this stage would make sense to turn your unknown website visitors into actual leads.

NO: Time to get to work because 80% of buyers start their suppliers search online! Besides an appealing website you need quality traffic and therefore you to think about SEO, Content marketing and the Social Media channels to engage with your target audience. It takes time and expertise to build an online audience so consider hiring an Online Agency to support you in this transition.

2 – Does Sales know which companies are exploring your website?

Q1 was just about numbers, but can you tell from which organizations these visitors came?

YES: Great, you are already using some sort of website leads technology. Make sure your Sales team has access to real-time insights and are able to quickly qualify leads. High quality company details are therefore important. The tool will not be used if it lacks detail because it takes users too much time to Google for additional information.

NO: You are missing sales opportunities every day. Luckily there are some great tools out there, each with a different focus. Our own Beelert app for instance focuses on Sales professionals who need a simple web application that delivers the most international results out of their hard earned website traffic.

 Is your sales team ready to follow up with the additional leads?

We see this as one of the major obstacles for getting a Return-On-Investment on website leads solutions. While a good solution delivers a lot of company details, it will not supply the name of the individual visitor(s). Besides this (technical and legal) boundary Sales should still reach out to interested companies, but will they?

YES: You have a “hunter” on your team who is eager to pick up the phone and spot opportunities faster then competitors. For an efficient follow up you can integrate your website leads solutions with your CRM system.

NO: It is quite common that people are hesitant to approach new organizations, but it is no reason not to consider these buying signals! Get someone with a “hunter” profile on your team or partner with a telesales company to “break the ice” for your account managers. To help our customers turn website leads into qualified sales meetings we partnered us with Ysbreecker, we created a solutions called Smart Calling (no cure, no pay based).

So are you ready to profit from website leads solutions? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know how you would reach your commercial goals.

You can also book a Live Demo with us or request your 14-day free Beelert trial to discover the Sales opportunities on from your own website.


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