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Bconnect has acquired Beelert

20th October 2016
Good news! It is with pride and pleasure that we announce that Amsterdam headquartered lead generation company Bconnect has acquired Beelert, effective immediately. At the forefront of B2B innovative lead generation, Bconnect will now complement its managed live chat offering with Beelert’s website analytics software. The unique combination of tools will further increase the number of qualified leads to any pragmatic B2B sales organisation. In 2015 Beelert was nominated for Deloitte’s FAST50 Rising Star Award. For our customers nothing will change with regards to our services in the short-term except invoicing from a different entity. Going forward, Bconnect will invest in its Beelert platform while capitalising on casino canada the operational synergies across its assets. It has ...

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the palace hotelsline up like grandees on the other side

18th October 2017
the palace hotelsline up like grandees on the other side of the roadThe VW e Golf is similarly quiet, but it’s going to take 8.7 seconds to hit 62mph. That’s partly down to the considerable 285kg it weighs over the svelte i3. However, that heft means that the ride is pretty steady and stable and, after all, this is a Golf, so the handling is very sound.. You have always known this place to be a traveller’s paradise. wholesale jerseys I mean, forget those with a passion for travelling; these days, whoever you see wants to go to Ladakh. Thanks to the social media and the numerous pictures you have seen, Ladakh has become the oh so beautiful destination.. I seized up and became cold when he and I touched, yet I had no problem having anonymous sex with older men with whom I...

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